SU-XL Series

The most dependable square drive wrench you can get.

Our SU-XL can handle a litany of different applications, both make-up and break-out. It's time-tested, cost-efficient, and extremely durable. The patented ratchet design increases accuracy and reliability while reducing the number of moving parts within the tool.

"Tough" doesn't really do it justice.

Square Drive

Sizes from ¾” to 2½” work with all standard-size impact sockets. The square drive shifts from make-up to break-out seemlessly, without having to disassemble the tool.

Reaction Member

All SU-XL series models of 11,000 ft./lbs. or lower are armed with a 360º reversable reaction member that has 48 splines and 96 different positions to choose from when looking for proper reaction.

Piston Rod

The slotted piston rod always maintains a 90º relationship between itself and the nut. This significantly increases accuracy of the tool while simultaneously reducing the number of moving parts it has inside it.


Eliminates “Pinch Points” and reduces side loading. The completely-enclosed drive train assembly allows nothing in or out of the tool. during operation.

Multi-Axis Porting

The IU-XL Series tools are the first and only system that allows the swivels to be manually relocated from the top of the tool to the back of the tool using only hand tools.

360º Swivels

Our patented 360º swivels rotate on both axis, giving the operator enhanced control and increased maneuverability while using the tools. Hose binding is all but eliminated with this nickel-plated swivel design.


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