JN Series

JN Series

Sometimes, nuts have obstructions through the middle.

That's why we developed the JN Series jam nut wrench. It has a patented open-gate design that allows you to latch the head around the nut, even if there is something in the way. This eliminates all sorts of unsafe ways to complete even more jobs. Not to mention that if you have a nut requiring a special head, we can engineer custom designs and different variations of the JN to make sure you have exactly what you need.

No more need for hoists and cranes.

Split Head

The “split-head” itself, or through use of a special made adaptor/insert, can fit any size or type of Top Drive Packing Nut, OEM Jam Nut, hex or any other configuration, eliminating the need for expensive after-market nuts.


The JN Series hydraulic wrench eliminates unsafe hammer wrenches, hydraulic jacks or cranes, and other unsafe equipment currently being used to turn these nuts.


The JN Series hydraulic wrench will work equally well in either Top Drive wash pipe assemblies or compressor crosshead access ports. It will work right-side up, upside-down, sideways, etc. for both loosening and tightening.


The patented “split-head” design can be placed around the wash pipe, piston rod, or any other type of shaft, rod, pipe, or tube and on the nut or adapter/insert in less than one minute and operating time is even less.


Torq/Lite hydraulic wrenches provide accuracy to +/- 0.03, and with the use of a standard bi-directional 10,000 p.s.i. hydraulic pump, the JN Series wrenches conform to that standard. 


There are a variety of specialty heads that can be made to work with the JN body & cylinder unit, extending its capabilities beyond just jam nuts. We can design and manufacture custom heads for your application.



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