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Which Torque Tools Does Torq/Lite Make and How Do They Work?

At Torq/Lite we provide you with quick, easy access to all different types of torque tools. Our current inventory includes various types of wrenches, pumps, and power tools that are used by professionals in all different types of industries.

Some examples of the tools that we have in stock include our square drive wrenches and our low-profile inline tools. Our square drive wrenches use sockets and come with one-of-a-kind reaction options.

Our low-profile inline tools are designed to fit into tight spaces, such as where the clearance level is extremely low or where two pieces of equipment are placed close together. In addition to fitting in tight places, our low-profile inline tools also have several different head sizes which make them multi-functional and able to be used by professionals for a variety of applications.

All of our tools operate using hydraulic pumps. The pumps are either run by air or electricity. When the pumps cycle, it will push hydraulic oil into the cylinders of the tools, which extends the tool's piston and works to turn the nut or bolt. Visit our website to learn more about the tools we offer here at Torq/Lite.

How Much Do Torque Tools Cost and How Long Do They Last?

There are so many factors that influence the price of our tools that it is difficult to pinpoint an exact price. The price of your tools will vary depending upon what industry you are working in, what application you need it for, and how many of the tool you need.

We are extremely confident that you are purchasing reliable, high quality, durable tools that will last for several years, even several decades. In fact, we have some tools, such as hydraulic wrenches, that have been in circulation for well over 20 years and they are running just like they did on the first day they were taken off the shelf.

We are so confident in our tools that we offer the best standard warranty in the industry to all our customers. Contact one of our customer service representatives to learn more about our standard warranty.

Who Makes the Best Quality Torque Tools?

Torq/Lite is proud to be the creator and manufacturer of some of the best quality torque tools. We are committed to providing our customers with the safest, most accurate, highest quality tools that can be used for multiple applications and across several different industries.

Our commitment doesn't just stop when our customer purchases a product. We continue to offer superior quality customer service to our customers even after they have taken their tools home. We offer training on how to properly use the tools, as this helps to ensure our customers' safety while making sure the tools last longer. Visit our website to browse our vast inventory of tools that can be used to help you with projects that require you work with a torque bolt or nut.

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Exact Tools We Need

"We need reliable tools when performing maintenance on offshore oil rigs. When a tool breaks, it drastically affects our operations and can lead to significant downtime. Torque tools from Torq/Lite are dependable and the personalized service allows us to get the exact tools we need."

-Michelle H.

Exact Tools We Need

"The durability and exceptional design of Torqlite's products are absolutely fantastic. Our shop would not be complete without them."

-James S.

Published by  Torq Lite

People have been using torque wrenches for nearly a century now. These efficient tools help users to tighten and loosen load-bearing nuts quickly, efficiently, and properly. The following is a quick break down of popular available types of torque tools and the situations they are ideal for:

  • Beam Torque Wrench. This is the simplest form of a torque wrench and is generally the least expensive. Beam torque wrenches are good for basic, around the home repairs when there is good space and light to view the torque indicator.
  • Click Torque Wrench.  More advanced in design, the click torque wrench allows presetting the desired torque. This torque tool is most generally used for novice automobile and other general engine work due to its slim figure and easy usage.
  • Electronic Torque Wrench.  These wrenches can be programmed with set limits to which the torque level is determined. These tools have a small chip installed along with a memory stick that enables the user to record and save readings, in addition to an LED display for easy reading. Due to their more sophisticated design and higher price point, electronic torque wrenches are generally used by professionals.
  • Hydraulic Torque Wrench.  Reserved for heavier situations, hydraulic torque wrenches features a smaller and multi-positional nose that’s ideal for reaching into tight spaces with pre-determined amounts of torque.


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Torque tools are designed to deliver a precision twisting force to connecting components like nuts and bolts. They aren’t for delivering pure, brute strength, but rather for measuring and enacting the exact amount of pressure needed for safety and correct application.

The following are a few of the more common types of torque tools and their situational use:

  • Bolt Tensioners – This tool pre-loads bolts and stretches them before the nut is set. Begin by clamping the torque tool onto the bolt’s threads and push it against the flange of the desired surface. Hyraulic pressure is then applied to the bolt tensioner to achieve the precise load to stretch the bolt.
  • Torque Wrenches – A bit more popular with mechanics and other professionals, hydraulic torque wrenches are designed to exert torque to a fastener with rotational force applied directly to the bolt.
  • Swivel Ratchet – This incredibly versatile hand tool can switch from a 90-degree angle to an inline 0 degree. Swivel ratchets are placed at their zero degrees to quickly set fasteners into place by swinging in quickly to its 90 degree rotation.


Published by  Torq Lite

Torque tools are the key to proper joint assembly. Most joints are made to certain specifications and over or under tightening can lead to improper function and a reduced life span. The use of torque tools ensures that joints are tightened properly, but it is imperative to use the correct torque tool for a given job. At Torq Lite, we offer the highest quality torque tools in all the latest designs to get every job done properly.

Types of Torque Tools:

  • Hydraulic Wrenches- These hand-held devices operate with safety and precision. Made to our high standards, Torq Lite hydraulic wrenches offer inline, square-drive and jam nut functionality. The variety of options guarantees that we have the tool you need to get the job done.
  • Riser Tools- Our riser tools spin down bolts to a preset torque limit and can also reverse this operation. Winner of the prestigious ASME Woelfel “Distinguished Innovation Award” 1999, Torq Lite’s RT series is the industry standard in riser tools.
  • Robo Spider- Capable of torqueing an entire flange at one time, the Robo Spider is an invaluable resource for the safe and speedy completion of jobs. The Robo Spider is our latest innovation and it provides fully automated service, dramatically reducing the risk of injury to employees.
  • Products for Specialty Applications- At Torq Lite, we cater to the special needs of our customers. This includes designing tools for specific applications with different needs. A couple of our specialty tools include Subsea Tooling and tools for wind applications. When deciding what torque tool is right for the job, contact Torq Lite and we can help walk you through the process. We have the expertise to set you up with just the right tool for the job. In addition to extensive manuals on proper usage, we also offer extensive training programs to ensure that you are using your new tools correctly.