Wind turbines are completely bolted together, making them perfect for what we do. The wind farms usually have dozens of these enormous towers in close proximity, and not only do they need bolting equipment for constructing them, but they have to be regularly maintained, as well. There are very specific applications involved in these jobs that each require a certain type of equipment. While certain tools work in certain areas, the toolbox still contains a variety of different bolting tools.


Wind turbine construction and maintenance can require tensioners for the foundation bolts, torque wrenches for the tower, hub, and blade bolts, and multipliers to handle the lighter load. Each turbine can have hundreds of bolts that need to be torqued or tensioned, and that can add up quickly for several turbines.

If you have a question about a particular application, reach out to us. We have designed several custom tools to fit on nuts and bolts where our standard tools didn't quite work. We will find a solution for you.

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