RT Series

Torq/Lite Riser Tools were introduced in 1997 and offered a more efficient way to make up and break out riser bolts. 

With a high-speed rundown motor and a high-output cylinder working alongside each other, the RT Series can help you get the job done faster. Since the tool automatically shifts from running the bolt down to torquing it without any additional switches or levers, the operation also becomes much safer.

They are fast, safe, reliable, and extremely accurate - everything you need a riser wrench to be.


The riser tools make up or break out a riser bolt in seconds. This greatly reduces the time that the wrenches are operating during the bolting process and saves you money.

Extreme Torque

With a maximum torque capacity of 38,000 ft./lbs., you can be sure your bolts are secure and are able to be broken out safely when that time comes.

Reaction Bar

The RT Series has three different reaction bar systems designed specifically for different types of riser. Whatever you're using, we can fit our tools on it.


Because they shift automatically from rundown mode to torquing mode, you can operate the riser tools completely hand-free after they are positioned on the bolt.

Square Drive

The 2.5-inch square drive can be used with a variety of standard or custom impact sockets and switches easily back and forth between make-up and break-out modes.


Available with dual-control consoles, sockets, and overhead spring balancers that can be used to reduce the weight of the tool to as little as one pound.



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