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The design is elaborate, but the core working parts are identical to the RT Series riser tools. The drive train assembly used in both has a lot of experience and success bolting and unbolting riser flanges.


Since the touch screen is fully-functional, you do not have the need for techs to be anywhere near the flange during bolting, increasing safety exponentially. You can send those hands to complete another task.


Once the modules have run the bolts down and shouldered them up, they wait on each other to get into the same position and the first stroke of torque is done in unison. It is a truly perfect preload.

Touch Screen

The control panel is portable, placeable, and a picnic to operate. The touch screen is easy to navigate and let's you completely control the tool with hands-free operation. No more techs on the spider.


Usually, you have two techs working opposite each other on a bolted flange, using two wrenches to work on two bolts at the same time. The Robo-Spider does all six simultaneously, saving you chunks of time.


Weather conditions and rough seas mean nothing to the Robo-Spider. Hot or cold, rain or shine, the Robo-Spider gets your riser up or down safely and efficiently.

Control Panel

Control Panel
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