Plants Refineries

There are thousands of bolts that need precision torquing inside various plants and refineries. Power, oil, natural gas, LNG, and several other types of plants and refineries depend on quality wrenches and bolting equipment to make sure their flange connections are put together accurately. Turnarounds are some of the most common places to find bolting tools, and we offer custom packages to rent or buy the right tools for your job. We'll tailor sets of tools that you need, ship them to you in a container, and you keep them on site for the duration of your turnaround.


Inside plants and refineries are dozens of flanges, each of which need to be disconnected, have gaskets replaced, and torqued back together during routine maintenance. These connections can have a variety of different bolt applications, and Torq/Lite has numerous tools that will fit. Get the jobs you need done finished the way you need them to be.

If you have a question about a particular application, reach out to us. We have designed several custom tools to fit on nuts and bolts where our standard tools didn't quite work. We will find a solution for you.

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