Oil Gas

Given Torq/Lite's origin story, it is understandable how our company is largely tied to the Oil & Gas industry. Almost 40 years ago, our products began regionally servicing the Gulf of Mexico, and since then, we've added several tools to our arsenal that can be used on a wide variety of Oil & Gas applications. From nipple-up work to deepwater offshore, Torq/Lite has several products that are designed specifically to complete the jobs that the industry requires.


Our customers use Torq/Lite tools in and around land rigs, pipelines, fracking ops, shale, refineries, offshore drilling, and many more applications. There are numerous bolting needs in the Oil & Gas industry, and the majority of our tool line is utilized daily in these operations.

If you have a question about a particular application, reach out to us. We have designed several custom tools to fit on nuts and bolts where our standard tools didn't quite work. We will find a solution for you.

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