Dale Francis, President of Torq/Lite


Torq/Lite was formed in 1981 when Dale Francis decided that he could design better hydraulic torque wrenches than he was currently using to do his company's service work. Since then, we have been a family-owned designer and manufacturer of bolting equipment made entirely in the U.S.A


We’ve done more than occupy our field—we’ve redefined it. To date, we’ve received more than 15 different patents for new technology, with at least one in each of the last four decades. By never settling for the way things have always been done, we’ve developed the most comprehensive spectrum of hydraulic torque wrenches on the market--including the Robo-Spider™, the world’s first fully automated drilling rig riser bolt tool.


Besides our innovation, Torq/Lite is also unique for developing our own hardware. By fabricating our own tool parts, we maintain complete control over assembly, testing, calibration, and quality assurance. We are an ISO 9001-registered company, and have a commitment to quality and continuous improvement throughout the manufacturing process.


The stakes are high with many bolting operations, and we take our responsibility to provide only the best hydraulic torque wrenches very seriously. Our experience, dedication, innovation, and quality make Torq/Lite a company you can trust to equip you for any project.




Dale started this family business a long time ago and it's been around ever since. With almost 40 years of bolting and design experience, Dale can tighten nuts and bolts by just looking at them. Over 15 patents and counting his name and multiple "firsts" in bolting things together.

There aren't many applications Dale hasn't seen.



Josh is Dale's son and oversees all of Torq/Lite's sales and distribution efforts worldwide. With an international sales staff and several resellers across the globe, Josh has to be able to manage relationships and promote our company at the same time. It's a job that requires patience and knowledge of all of the industries that use Torq/Lite products.

15 years of building the Torq/Lite infrastructure. And still building.



Also Dale's son, Nic takes slabs of metal and makes them into high-performance torque wrenches. After several years in the field operating tools for Francis Torque Service, Nic became Torq/Lite's Operations Manager. Continuing his climb, he now runs our manufacturing facility outside New Orleans with attention to detail and unmatched expertise.

Tools and teams. He can design them, build them, and run them.


We have been an ISO 9001:2008 Registered company for over 15 years, giving our customers the added assurance that the tool they're receiving are the highest quality. We stand by our products, and we are always looking for ways to improve. Your satisfaction as the customer is our highest priority.

Knowing that we follow all the proper procedures in getting our tools to you, you also know that your tools will get the job done.


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“To our customers, vendors and partners around the globe; we are with you during this unprecedented time. Like it is for you, our side of the world is scary at the moment. The health risks are very real as is the economic fallout of this pandemic. We are working with our government as new help rolls out to deal with this. It’s obviously a very fluid situation and new things change daily, but at Torq/Lite® we are continuing to work. Both of our main offices are open & running, following the recommended guidelines and practices as issued by the CDC. Unless the government orders us to shut down, we will be ready to fill all orders received. We wish all of you well. We are here and ready should you need us.” Josh Francis, VP - Sales, Marketing & Business Development , Torq/Lite® Contact Us
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