Hydro Industry

Hydro power is a place where you can find various different bolting applications, all of which Torq/Lite equipment is great for. There are several different areas, from dams and locks to pumping stations, and where there are bolts, there are products needed that can get into tight spaces and keep the energy moving.


Bolts are commonplace in the Hydro Power industry. Dams have energy-driving rotary blades that have to be assembled and maintained. Locks have doors and gates that have to be bolted at the hinges. Even pumping stations have flanges that require up-keep, so there is no shortage of places to find bolting equipment.

If you have a question about a particular application, reach out to us. We have designed several custom tools to fit on nuts and bolts where our standard tools didn't quite work. We will find a solution for you.


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