Manufacturing & Operations

Manufacturing & Operations

How can you make sure something turns out the way you want it to?
By doing it yourself.
Operating within an industry that sees a lot of companies outsourcing their manufacturing, Torq/Lite sticks to what is most important to them, because it’s most important to their customers: safe, quality products.
Torq/Lite designs, machines, assembles, tests, and calibrates all manufactured products right here in the U.S.  An operation like that is quite impressive, and by all accounts, rare in the torque wrench industry.  An ISO 9001 Registration assures customers that they are not only doing these things, but doing them so well that they can expect the same quality product every time they place an order.
In addition to the machines and equipment that take part in this process, the Operations Facility (located in Luling, Louisiana – just outside New Orleans) also boasts a large inventory.  You would think that building tools from scratch might increase lead times, but they’re ahead of that.  Many of the parts needed to assemble the more popular lines of tools are already on the shelves.
In an industry that requires reliable tools and often requires them quickly, having the ability to get them out the door and to the customer is extremely helpful.
It doesn’t hurt to see the “MADE IN U.S.A.” stamped on the side, either.
All that attention to detail is wrapped up in a sturdy box with a Calibration Certificate and an Operations Manual, then delivered to you ready to use.  From the idea, to the drawing, to the manufacturing, to the testing, to the shipping, Torq/Lite builds your tool themselves and gets it to you quickly.
An Operations Department that puts that much effort and care into a product is one that stands out as a gem.  People at one company, with the same goals, with the same pride in building tools, are handling your product from design to delivery.  That is how Torq/Lite makes sure that your product is up to your standards.
By doing it themselves.


Torq/Lite has several decades of experience in manufacturing and designing hydraulic torque wrenches in the United States.




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