Hands-on Training

Hands-on Training

Face-to-face meetings are so advantageous. Big fan.

The opportunity to speak with employees and partners from other countries is appreciable but when you can get in the same room, everything just seems more efficient. Not the first time that word has been thrown around the environs of a workplace, I’m sure.

With diagramming, white-boarding, and a little help from Google translate, Torq/Lite hosted a very successful training this week at the Houston, TX location. The representatives from Brazil and other South American countries, already having a firm grasp of the Torq/Lite products, were able to tap into an even deeper reserve of knowledge, courtesy of employees in the Operations department.

They can now take this knowledge back to their territories and spread it to people who use these wrenches everyday, making the work they’re doing safer and..? More efficient. It will also help the current users to maintain and prolong the lives of their tools, saving them money. Which I understand is also important to business.

There is so much to be gained when you can get in the same room and demonstrate. Face-to-face. Minimize any potential for confusion.

Our goal is to help equip you, whether it be with tools or knowledge. In order to pursue that goal of making sure customers are properly-supplied, taking any opportunities to invest in our representatives is impactful.

The more they know, the more our customers know.

Meeting in person, you can show, teach, and explain, but you can also high-five, laugh, and build relationships. You can invest.

As this week’s training comes to a close, I’m happy to say that these aren’t just words. People are leaving with a greater understanding of our products, and the people they talk to will see their knowledge grow, as well.

We were able to teach, We were able to high-five.

I know without a doubt because I saw it. I was there.