Solutions and Service

Solutions and Service

For a long time, our company has provided hydraulic wrenches and other bolting equipment for a wide variety of jobs. Applications ranging across several industries have had Torq/Lite products on them for years, but what you may not know about Torq/Lite may be exactly what you need.

The products that we sell are easily accessible on our Web site, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter profile. You can dial in on what tool you think you might need, and you can readily find the right person to contact to get information or a quote. 

But that isn't all we're about.


There is a lot that goes into bolting, and making sure you have the right tool for your job is very important to us. Often, there is more than one job you have to do. Sometimes, these jobs can be spread out to a few times per year.


We understand that in situations like these, renting tools may be a better option, and that is why we keep a substantial inventory of equipment at all of our locations. Hydraulic wrenches ranging from 1,000 to 60,000 ft./lbs., as well as offshore bolting tools, tensioners, multipliers, sockets, and power units are all kept in good, working condition and calibrations kept up-to-date for when you call for them.



That gives you the choice to tailor bolting packages together the way you need them, and to buy or rent them on a case-by-case basis. You have the ability to choose whichever scenario is more convenient for you. 


Customer satisfaction is our goal, and that's what we are hoping to provide along with our tools. We're not just going to ship you tools and leave you standing there, either. 


We have technicians with expertise. If you need consultation on your application, we can provide analysis and find the right solution for you. If you need someone to provide training on how to safely operate the equipment, we have people who can do that. You can even rent our technicians to do the job for you.



We also offer custom tooling for uncommon applications. If you can't find a tool to fit, we can design one for you. 


From the time you decide you need a tool to turn a nut, until the time that nut is properly tightened, we will be with you every step of the way. You tell us what you need, and we'll provide it. Solutions and service.


If you have an application that you think might be unique, please email and request one of our application forms. If you want training on our tools, please contact our Houston office at 713-983-7171 and we will get you in touch with the right person.


Hopefully, you're already getting all you need out of Torq/Lite tools and employees. If you haven't given us a try yet for your bolting needs, we're confident we can provide anything you might need. 


We'd like to prove that.

Case Study: Sevan Louisiana Robo-Spider

Case Study: Sevan Louisiana Robo-Spider

Torq/Lite has completed a new case study outlining the first installation and very successful trial of the Robo-Spider in the field.

In June 2014, the Robo-Spider made it’s way to the Sevan Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. There for a year, it performed as expected and without issues. The data provided by the control panel provided opportunities to make the running and pulling of riser more efficient.

The crew shard their thoughts with some testimonials.

Back from action, the same Robo-Spider that was on the Sevan Louisiana is currently set up for viewing and demos at Torq/Lite’s Houston location. Demo appointments can be made by emailing or by calling 713-983-7171.

The full case study can be read here.


Robo-Spider™ Press Release

Robo-Spider™ Press Release

Following the announcement last week that introduced the Robo-Spider-Spider, the world’s first fully-automated torquing system, Torq/Lite has provided an official press release that can be viewed below.

Robo-Spider Press Release

The Robo-Spider is a faster, safer, and more accurate way of making up and breaking out deepwater riser flanges. For more information, visit the Torq/Lite Web site at, or schedule a demo by calling 713-983-7171 or emailing


The Robo-Spider™

The Robo-Spider™

For years, the questions came consistently.

The process of running and pulling riser on offshore drilling rigs is one of precision and very necessary attention to detail. Technology has been at the forefront of that effort with so many companies looking for ways to make the process more efficient.

The goal was always the same, no matter the step in the procedures. Safer. More accurate. Faster.

One particular task was the bolting. Riser flanges obviously need to be connected (or disconnected) every so often so that they can be run to the ocean floor or taken and stored if pulling the string. The most common connection is a bolted one.

Torq/Lite developed a patented tool 20 years ago for this very reason. Dale Francis, who has almost 40 years of experience in bolting things together, released Torq/Lite’s RT Series riser tools in 1996, designed specifically for making up and breaking out riser bolts.

The RT Series has several innovative features, and has been in circulation since its introduction. Operated two at a time, with two men on either side, the riser tools allow you to work on two bolts at once. The riser tools quickly became the preferred method of bolting riser flanges because of their efficiency and safety improvements in completing this procedure. After all, the operation can be entirely hands-free after placing the tool on the bolt.

Still, the questions kept coming. Questions about automation.”How can we make this process automatic?”

“Is it possible to develop an automated system that can bolt a riser flange?”

“Is there a way to do all the bolts at once?”

Questions like these rang out across the industry, and one of those rings was the phone at Francis’s desk. When asked if it was possible to develop a system to do this — if he was capable of designing such a piece of equipment — his reply was short.


Today, Torq/Lite introduces its most innovative tool yet: the Robo-Spider. It is the world’s first fully-automated torqueing system, designed to make up or break out all riser flange bolts at once with the push of a button.


Six individually-programed modules work together in unison to locate, spin down, and torque all the bolts at one. When the string needs to be pulled, the Robo-Spider will locate, break loose, spin out, and store the riser bolts without the need of any technicians to be anywhere near the spider.


With six modules, you can torque all six bolts at one time, giving you extremely accurate preload on the flange connection. During testing, the Robo-Spider performed to +/- 3% accuracy when measuring the load on the bolt. Now riser flanges can be as strong as they were designed to be.


The Robo-Spider can complete the bolting process in about two minutes. Since it is doing all six bolts at once, that eliminates 66% of the time needed to bolt six bolts with two riser wrenches. Time saved is money saved.

The Robo-Spider is the first system of its kind, and with anything new, comes prototypes. The first Robo-Spider went out on the Sevan Louisiana in June of 2014. It was used for a year, and performed as expected, offering a safer, faster option to consider for the bolting process.

Sevan Louisiana Case Study

The crew especially, loved it.


Torq/Lite’s introduction of the Robo-Spider raises the bar for the standard of bolting riser flanges. When the questions came, Francis and his team not only gave the right answer, but delivered a patented design that removes injury from the equation, increases the integrity of the connection, and makes the process more efficient.

It is safer. It is more accurate. And it is faster.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.


HU Series Hammer Union Wrench

HU Series Hammer Union Wrench


Torq/Lite has a new hydraulic wrench that is specifically designed for Hammer Union connections, and fits all registered sizes.  In our efforts to spread the word about our new tool, the HU Series, we have added it to our Web site here.
Specs and other information about the HU Series can be found by clicking the Product Specs tab, and if you’d like to see a video, you can view that here.
Hammer Union connections are currently turned by what they were named for, a hammer.  The hands-free HU Series is much safer, and not near as exhausting.  Check it out, and stay tuned for other products being unveiled soon.