Be More Efficient

Be More Efficient

Let’s keep it simple.

How does a process become more efficient? Better work. Less time. More profit.

You can’t just have more work, it has to be good work. It has to get the job done the right way.

That good work needs to maximize the time. In an ideal situation, it would take less time to do better work. The better the work and the less time it takes, the more efficient the process is.

Let’s be realistic; I know humans aren’t machines.




But machines are machines.

The Torq/Lite Robo-Spider™ is the world’s first fully-automated torquing system – a machine that is programmed to make up or break out an entire riser flange at once with the push of a button.

It does better than good work. Registering accuracies of +/- 3% on the bolt load, and doing all the bolts at once, the Robo-Spider makes riser connection as strong as they were designed to be.

It does that better work faster, taking the place of manually-operated wrenches that do one bolt at a time. The Robo-Spider can be through with an entire flange in the time it takes to make up or break out one bolt.



Another feature that maximizes efficiency is the lifting fork. Some riser flanges have bolt storage, and that rigorous step means having to stop, lift, and turn the bolt into storage when breaking out. The lifting fork does this for you, saving you time and energy.




On top of the better work in less time, the Robo-Spider also offer a much safer setting by completely removing the human operators from the process. The automation allows for your employees to stay clear of the flange and avoid back-breaking work.

That’s pretty efficient.

Let’s also add that all of this will save money in daily operating costs by minimizing down time. That’s a hat trick.

It’s accurate. It’s fast. And it’s safe.

That’s as simple as it gets.