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Torq/Lite® standard Subsea Tool Range

The standard subsea tool range incorporates a combined body and bridge, lifting eye bolt, 30 mm piston stroke, 1500 bar operating pressure, twin hydraulic connections, a maximum piston stroke indicator and a split reaction nut. Lower-cost solid reaction nuts are also available.

These tools are fitted with composite material high pressure seals which clip into place and require no adjustment. All of these tools are thoroughly tested to ensure safe and reliable performance, and are designed to conform to the European Pressure Equipment Directive; where required, they are also CE marked.

Standard tools are fitted with two self sealing quick connectors. This can be either two nipples or one coupling and one nipple. Customer should specify when ordering.

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Subsea Tooling

Product Specs

Maximum working pressure of 1500 bar (21,750 psi)
Maximum piston stroke = 30 mm (1.81 inch)
Five tools cover standard pipe flange connections above 4 inch NB with bolting in the size range 1 inch to 3-1/2 inch diameter.

Free yearly maintenance inspections on Torq/Lite® products.

*Check with your local Torq/Lite distributor for warranty details in your area