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Torq/Lite's Robo-Spider is the world's first fully-automated hydraulic torqueing system designed to torque an entire riser flange at once, taking the place of single riser tools that currently do one bolt at a time. The patented, innovative, and revolutionary design delivers a flawless bolt-tightening performance that makes the running or pulling of riser much safer, more accurate, and significantly reduces drilling costs in daily rig operations.


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Torq/Lite Robo-Spider

Product Specs

Sevan Louisiana Case Study




The Robo-Spider can make up or break out each riser flange about 6 minutes faster than standard tools.


The modules work in tandem to produce nearly perfect preload, and the torque can be traced to ±3% accuracy.


The system is fully-automated, keeping the crew at a safe distance while eliminating human inconsistencies.

Touch Screen Technology

The Robo-Spider has a control panel with a touch screen, creating a user-friendly interface. The touch screen also allows operators to input specifics from each rig.

Journaling Feature

Records and saves bolt torqueing information, making it easy to reference past runs or pulls. Recording torque is a feature that has never been available before.

Proven Technology

The modules are made of high alloy steel throughout and the technology is proven in Torq/Lite’s RT-Series Riser Tools.

Maximized Strength

With the accuracy of the Robo-Spider system, riser connections will now be as strong as originally designed.


The Robo-Spider is a machine that is not affected by rough seas, strong winds, or heavy rain. It continues to deliver consistent results and keep the crew safe in bad weather.

Time Savings

Completing a connection or disconnection significantly faster can add up over the course of a run or pull.

Return on Investment

On offshore drilling rigs, saving time, means saving money. The Robo-Spider can help save money in its first year.