HU Series

The safer, more efficient way to tighten or loosen Hammer Union connections.

While current methods require the exhausting motion of continually banging a hammer to turn the lug, the HU Series tool designed specifically for these connections will remove the hammer from your hands and the fatigue from your arms. With two models and replaceable jaws, the HU Series will fit on all registered Hammer Union sizes.

Seriously, put the hammer down.


The safety increases exponentially when you remove a hammer from a situation and add a tool that does not require a dangerous swinging motion to operate. 

Hands-free Operation

Once the tool is applied to the Hammer Union connection, no hands are required to hold the tool in place. Additionally, the tool has an optional handle that can be attached, if preferred, in order to hold the tool safely. 

Spring Head

The head features the same patented open-gate design as Torq/Lite’s JN Series wrenches, but has a spring-latch feature that makes applying and removing the tool very simple. 

Replaceable Jaws

It uses jaws inside the head to clamp to the application and turn it as it advances. The jaws are replaceable and different sizes can be applied to the same head, allowing much more range, and resulting in cost savings. 


Throughout their lifespan, the Hammer Union lugs can take a lot of beatings - literally. The HU Series reduces the impact on those lugs, saving replacement time and costs. 

Reduces Fatigue

Swinging at a hammer is not only dangerous, it can wear you out. The HU Series saves the shoulders of the operators, keeping them safe, and making them more productive. 


*The HU Series will work with any standard torque wrench pump.

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