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Extra light, dependable, and fits where others can not

Inline ratcheting wrenches require minimum clearance while applying torque on the same plane as the nut, providing a marked improvement over square drive socket wrenches. Our patented design breakthrough reduced the overall dimensions of the inline ratcheting head allowing it to fit almost every application. Our IU XL Series tool capacities range from 100 to 50,000 foot pounds of torque using a 10,000 p.s.i. hydraulic pump. "Extra light, dependable, and fits where others can not"

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IU-XL Series

Product Specs

IU-XL Torque Charts

Inline Ratchet

Standard fractional head sizes from 3/4” nuts across the flats. Metric and special sizes available.

Precision Machined

Increases accuracy, durability and repeatability.


Eliminates “Pinch Points”.

360° Swivel Fittings (Patented)

Allow hose movement without hose binding. Stainless steel with fewer moving parts – a great improvement over competitors’ delicate design. (Dual plane swivel fittings shown on wrench above.)

Slotted Piston Rod

Maintains 90 relationship between piston rod and nut. Increases accuracy. Reduces number of moving parts.


Made of TL T-6 durable, highength, lightweight aircraft alloy with the same sturdy, dependable and accurate design (as steel cylinder).

Reaction Pad

Reacts against adjacent nut. No reaction member necessary.

Multi-Axis Porting System

The Torq/Lite I U-XL Series tools are the first and only system that allows the swivels to be manually relocated from the top of the tool to the back of the tool (or vice versa) using only simple hand tools!

Drive Pin Design (Patented)

Reduces overall dimensions of hex head including a thinner “nose” radius. Fits more applications, including all 57 A.P.I. flanges.


All exposed parts to resist corrosion.


Reduces operator fatigue


Every tool is function tested and calibrated to ± .03 accuracy, traceable to N.I.S.T.


Torq/Lite IU-XL Series wrenches come with a 3 Year – 2 Tier warranty, that is the best standard warranty on the market today! We stand behind our wrenches like no other!

*Check with your local Torq/Lite distributor for warranty details in your area