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How Do Hydraulic Tensioners Work?

Hydraulic tensioners are industrial tools that are designed to help stretch bolts of large diameters so they are able to achieve accurate preload. The main reason people use this type of tool is to help properly install multiple bolts without worrying about inaccuracies that can be caused by friction.

The mechanics behind using this type of industrial tool is relatively easy. The user/operator will take the tool and place it into position. The tool consists of a bridge, piston, and a puller, which all need to be properly placed. Once the tool is properly placed all of these parts will be hydraulically pressured, which is what stretches the bolt.

After the bolt has been stretched, the user is able to turn the nut by hand, which allows the extension of the bolt. Visit our website at to learn more about how these types of torque tools and other power tools work.

What is the Price of Hydraulic Tensioners and Where Can I Find the Best Quality Options?

This type of industrial tool has so many different styles and variations that it is difficult to give a specific price because it varies so dramatically. The price will vary depending upon what industry the tool will be used in, what style it is, and how many are being ordered at one time.

If you are looking for the best quality options for industrial tools that work with items like a torque bolt or nut, then Torq/Lite is the best place to go. Our inventory of tools has the most variety of tools for all industries. This means you can pretty much guarantee that we will have the perfect tool to help you finish a current project.

In addition to our vast inventory of tools, we also provide great customer service and training. Our customer service representatives train our customers in how to properly use the tools they purchase. This extends the lifespan of the tool. Contact us to learn more about our customer training and to learn about what tools we have available in our inventory.

Where Can I Find the Most Reliable Tensioners on the Market?

Hydraulic tensioners rarely, if ever, fail when they are being used correctly. Torq/Lite wants to make sure all our customers are using their tools properly, which is why we offer training.

Our staff will spend as much time as you need to learn how to properly use our tools. Learning to properly use the tools lessens your chance of having reliability issues with any product that you have purchased from us.

If an issue should arise, we offer great customer support. Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have and provide additional support should you need it. Contact us at Torq/Lite to learn more about our tools and the warranty/training we provide with every purchase.

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