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Another innovative breakthrough for serving the industry

The JN Series of hydraulic wrench was specifically designed to quickly, safely, and accurately tighten or loosen gas compressor piston rod crosshead jam nuts; however, the tool can be adapted to turn any nut affected by an obstruction through its center. The JN Series is distinguished by its patented “split-head” design that enables the tool to fit over any pipe or rod and around the nut to be turned. Capacities range from 100 to 38,000+ foot-pounds of torque using a standard bidirectional 10,000 psi hydraulic pump.

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JN Series

Product Specs

JN Series Torque Charts

PATENTED “Split-Head” Design

The “Split Head” itself, or through use of a special made adapter, can fit any size or type of OEM Jam Nut, hexed nut or any other nut configuration. This eliminates the need for expensive after market nuts while also giving you never before Accuracy, Speed and Safety!!!


The PATENTED “Split Head” design can be placed around the wash pipe, piston rod or any other type of shaft, rod, pipe or tube and on the nut or adapter in less than one minute. Accurate tightening or loosening of the nut is easily achieved in just a few seconds.


The JN-Series hydraulic wrench eliminates unsafe hammer wrenches, hydraulic jacks or cranes, and other unsafe equipment currently being used to turn these nuts.


This fast hydraulic wrench, originally designed specifically to deal with Crosshead Jam Nuts, provides accuracy to ± 3% with the use of a standard advance hold and retract 10,000 p.s.i. air powered hydraulic pump


The JN-Series hydraulic wrench will work equally well in compressor crosshead access ports or any nut that has a shaft, rod or tube running through the middle of it. It will work right-side up or upside-down, sideways, etc…for both loosening and tightening.

Reaction Pad

Made of TL T-6 durable, highength, lightweight aircraft alloy with the same sturdy, dependable and accurate design (as steel cylinder).

Reaction Pad

Reacts against the Compressor crosshead structure or any other solid and flat surface.


All exposed parts to resist corrosion.

360° Swivel Fittings (Patented)

Allow hose movement without hose binding. Stainless steel with fewer moving parts – a great improvement over competitors’ delicate design. (Dual plane swivel fittings shown on wrench above.)


Reduces operator fatigue. Tool can also be used with an overhead spring balancer, which allows you to set the tool as light as 1 pound.


Every tool is function tested and calibrated to ± .03 accuracy, traceable to N.I.S.T.


JN-Series Hydraulic Jam Nut WrenchGuaranteed for life against Manufacturer’s defects.

*Check with your local Torq/Lite distributor for warranty details in your area.