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Sevan LouisianaFirst Robo-Spider™ Installation

The first Torq/Lite Robo-Spider was successfully installed and operated on the Sevan Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico in June of 2014. The revolutionary project, allowing an entire riser flange to be made up or broken out at once with the automated system, is the first step to a new method of safety, speed, and accuracy offered by Torq/Lite.

The RT-Series Riser Tools first went offshore in 1996, and were considered revolutionary for almost 20 years until recently, when the Robo-Spider first hit the drilling floor. Both groundbreaking tools were designed and patented by Torq/Lite, a proud United States manufacturer of safe, quality products.

The initial success of the Robo-Spider in its debut has led to widespread curiousity about the system. The installation and testing was documented by Torq/Lite employees on site, and those accounts will be beneficial in educating the market about the Robo-Spider. As Torq/Lite unveils the system that could change the face of drilling offshore, the interest in it continues to grow.

The Robo-Spider being installed on the Sevan Louisiana, June 2014.
  • Speed

    The Robo-Spider can make up or break out each riser flange about 6 minutes faster than standard tools.

  • Accuracy

    The modules work in tandem to produce nearly perfect preload, and the torque can be traced to ±3% accuracy.

  • Safety

    The system is fully-automated, keeping the crew at a safe distance while eliminating human inconsistencies.

  • Touch Screen Technology

    The Robo-Spider has a control panel with a touch screen, creating a user-friendly interface. The touch screen also allows operators to input specifics from each rig.

  • Journaling Feature

    Records and saves bolt torqueing information, making it easy to reference past runs or pulls. Recording torque is a feature that has never been available before.

  • Proven Technology

    The modules are made of high alloy steel throughout and the technology is proven in Torq/Lite’s RT-Series Riser Tools.

  • Maximized Strength

    With the accuracy of the Robo-Spider system, riser connections will now be as strong as originally designed.

  • Consistency

    The Robo-Spider is a machine that is not affected by rough seas, strong winds, or heavy rain. It continues to deliver consistent results and keep the crew safe in bad weather.

  • Time Savings

    Completing a connection or disconnection significantly faster can add up over the course of a run or pull.

  • Return on Investment

    On offshore drilling rigs, saving time, means saving money. The Robo-Spider can help save money in its first year.

Dale Francis, President, Torq/Lite with the installed Robo-Spider.

With the Robo-Spider installed and working successfully on the Sevan Louisiana, spirits are high. The crew is pleased with the results it has seen from the system, and are excited about having it to complete riser connections.

This marks an event for Torq/Lite that is not soon to be forgotten, and that will help uphold a reputation for the quality and innovation the company is built around. While there is hope to provide others with this cutting-edge technology, the first time it is installed on a working application, coupled with the accomplishment of impressive trials, is quite the rewarding result.

The feedback being positive is a great thing, but the commitment to the project does not end with successful testing. Torq/Lite will continue to service and monitor the rig’s riser runs and pulls, ensuring that the system works properly for extended periods of time. Service techs will accompany the crew to confirm the Robo-Spider’s job is being completed as planned, and as desired.

As the Robo-Spider launches the world into a new era of riser bolting, Torq/ Lite is once again at the forefront in developing the technology to do so, locking in what they proudly claim as the slogan of their tool line, “What the PROS use.”