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The Torq/Lite® 1500 Bar System

The 1500 Bar System is comprised of multiple tools that are light-weight, yet rugged and capable of handling high loads. They are ideal for fast, accurate, reliable bolt tensioning of standard flanges for a variety of applications. Engineered from high length steel alloys for unparalleled safety and tool life, they come in a wide range of sizes that will fit all of the major flange classes and can be easily customized to suit a special application if needed.

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1500 Bar System

Product Specs

Single or twin hydraulic connections
Provide 15mm stroke (12mm for T21)
Highly visible maximum stroke indicator
Available in various surface finishes
Feature long-life composite seals
Reaction Pad

Fits standard pipe flanges above 4 inch N


Free yearly maintenance inspections on Torq/Lite® products.

*Check with your local Torq/Lite distributor for warranty details in your area.